The Kassius Foundation

Other Sites from TKF

WE ARE JUST keeping other sites being hosted and supported by our foundation. Some of these are:

A Dança dos Espíritos

A Dança dos Espíritos (portuguese for Ghost Dance) is a blog from the founder of TKF, dealing with subjects as Abstract Philosophy, Quantum Arts, R.P.G. Theory and Spirituality.

A Dança dos Espiritos ─ quantum arts, abstract philosophy and deep wizardry

It is avaliable at:

Khaoz Komputer Klub

Khaoz Komputer Klub is a technology blog and community.

Khaoz Komputer Klub
Head to it at:

Corpo, Mente & Espírito

Corpo, Mente & Espírito is a discussion forum keeping as focus to organize local meditation groups and discussing subects as lifestyle, animal rights and spirituality.

Corpo, Mente e Espírito Fórum

It’s address is:


Clássicos is a website about classical and early music. Still in beta development.

Clássicos ─ Blog de Música Clássica e Antiga

Access it at:

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a site where we share interesting things as image, video, and web resources.

Internet of Things ─ Sharing all the interwebs

Click on its address do visit the site:

Book: A Dança dos Espíritos

WE have just published a new book in brazilian portuguese language, the which is called A Dança dos Espíritos (portuguese for The Spirits’ Dance).

The book was published to cover a certain aspect of our order.

The book is freely avaliable for download in PDF format. To get it click here.

A Danca dos Espiritos (Cover) ─ Um livro para uma questão especial de nossa ordem.

This also makes us celebrate the opening of our Foundation.